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Qia Audio Player is an audio player which supports showing peakline and waveform graphs and playing audio in many formats natively supported by the browser in use and additionally speex (.spx), retrieving audio metada and using drag’n’drop to load audio files and codec plugin JavaScript files.

By using plugins following Qia Audio Player plugin protocols, it is also possible to show waveform of and playback audio files in more formats. For example, by using plugin qia-audio-player.mp2.codec.js, audio files encoded in mp2 are also supported.

Worth highlighting user interface and user experience design includes:

  • drag’n’drop is supported to load chosen audio file from underline OS directories
  • keyboard Space keystroke is supported to toggle play and pause the playout of audio
  • there are two sets of audio controls and one of them will be hidden when the other is used to start the playout


Qia Audio Player: Playing-out Audio

Qia Audio Player: Audio Metadata

Qia Audio Player is developed by Johann Huang whose home website is at